Enter the Loop of Infinity
Ever 17 Fan Library

or rather, a shrine dedicated to this ageless masterpiece...

"Our two worlds are... going to be united..."
"And at the intersection, there is a perspective..."

--Yagami Coco   

Something nice to have beforehand :)

∞ RPGFan review of Ever 17, by Neal Chandran
∞ GameFAQs walkthrough, by Denethor0  (non-spoiler)
∞ Ever 17 MAD - "Strangeness" by Operation Legend (Low quality Stream) (High quality Stream/DivX download)
∞ Ever 17 Opening clip (Low-quality Stream) (Clip download)
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- What is Ever 17?
- Why is it a masterpiece?
Main Characters
- Kuranari Takeshi
- "The Kid" / Shounen
- Kaburaki Ryogo
- Hokuto
- Komachi Tsugumi
- Akanegasaki Sora
- Tanaka "You"
- Matsunaga Sara
- Blick Winkel
Key Temrs
- Ever 17 Timeline
- Infinity History
Discussion Topics
- Ending's Logic
- The Life Reading
- "Kich the Can" Mystery
- The Kid's Amnesia
- Coco's Abilities
- Other Topics
Credits and Thanks