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Main characters

Here is the list of main characters of the game.  Note: for the sake of Japanese language, the names of the people are in "correct" order as they are in Japanese (and also from the voice actors themselves; Family name first, then given name).  I used "Shounen" instead of "Kid" to address the amnesia boy is because... it sounds more like a name (at least in non-Japanese environment >.>) and also because "kid" in English has a somewhat negative connotation on showing inferiority of younger age.  Also, most character descriptions have two part, the Surface (non-spoiler) and the Essence (mega-spoiler).  The Surface is derived from the four scenarios, mostly non-spoiler.  The Essence is a deeper analysis of the character as a whole to the game plot.

Cure-hamster subspecies: 1
Psychic: 1
Android & Robotic: 2
Humans: 3
Infravision Possessors: 3
Cure-human subspecies: 5

Happiness after 17 years of silent distress:   ∞

Kuranari Takeshi:
    Surface:  One of the two player-perspective is Takeshi Kuranari.  Takeshi is a 20 years old college student who is visiting LeMU on that fateful day when the incident occurs.  He is not the smartest person in the group, but his passion along stubbornness allows him to think passionately and put everyone else's safely, along their happiness, in front his own agenda.    He is also the tragic hero who accept death ensure the survival of the woman he loves.
    Essence: As the plot reveals, the real Takeshi takes less involvement of the story arc than it appears.  He makes love with Tsugumi in the Quelle and in consequence, fathered Hokuto and Sara.  Blick Winkel and Hokuto (from the year 2034) saves him from destruction after Takeshi's suicidal act of saving Tsugumi, and then guide him into preserving Coco and himself in IBF to be rescued in 2034.  After 17 years of hibernation, his reunion with his teenage offspring is more comical than emotional--since Takeshi's biological age would still be around 20.  Also, he gets the Cure virus from Tsugumi, therefore he will not age more than 25-ish.

Saving Coco, with a straight face
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usGood morning... dad!
"The Kid" (Shounen):
    Surface:  A mysterious adolescent who lost his memory right before LeMU's accident.  He does not remember his name, age, nor anything related to his personal history.  He appears to be around 14 to 16 of age.  In Takeshi's perspective, Shounen befriends Coco and becomes very close to her.   In his own perspective, without the presence of Coco, Shounen takes measure on helping You to find out the mysteries of her parents, or by the player's choice, discovers his true relationship with Sara.
    Essence: The Kid in Takeshi's perspective is Kaburaki Ryogo and the Shounen in "the Kid" perspective is Hokuto.

Kaburaki Ryogo:
    Essence: He is the original Shounen in Takeshi's perspective of 2017.  Although he remembers his name near the end of 2017 incident, it is unsure whether he remembers anything else about his past after the dramatic escape from IBF in 2017 (although it is implied his memory lost is only short term).  Kaburaki is infected with Cure from Tsugumi and is saved from the deadly Tief Blau.  Being rescued, he and You'haru spend 17 years of planning and plotting to summon Blick Winkel in order to save Takeshi and Coco who were left behind in 2017.  He then pretends to be Takeshi and staged that to fool Hokuto and Blick Winkel of 2034.  So both the Shounen the player sees in Takeshi's perspective and the "Takeshi" the player sees from Shounen's perspective is Kaburaki in different time period.  He falls in love with Coco and deeply respects Takeshi for his heroic actions.
    Virtually a helpless child in 2017, Kaburaki is much more grown and matured in 2034 as the plan's coordinator.  Not only he has the supreme responsibility to guide Blick Winkel into recognizing its own existence, he also has to insure everybody's safety, don't mention pretend to be someone whose personality is totally different.  I feel sympathetic for Kaburaki because he is the only character has no background... and we don't know whether he regained his memory or not in the end.

The resemblence is rather hard to spot if one to prescribe that all male characters look alike in Ever 17.
    Essence:  He is the son of Tsugumi and Takeshi and Sara's brother.    Hokuto is separated from Sara when they were young and reunites with her in LeMU--though neither of them can confirm the relationship.  His timing amnesia, is the effect of being physically "possessed" by Blick Winkel, creates an illusion and trick the players into thinking he is the young Kaburaki of 2017.  Only with the help from Coco and Kaburaki's hints he and Blick Winkel then learn the truth behind both incidents.  He recovers his memory with Sara as siblings when they were young... and ultimately about his mother, Tsugumi, with BW's memory helping him.
    Without his memory and having BW on him at the same time, it is hard to tell what his real personality and characteristics are like.  As BW is awakened and Hokuto recovers his memory,  we can see he is more of an active and energetic young man not different from his sister.  Being able to skin-dive 315 feet into the ocean, he has to be impressively strong.  (Also he bravely rescued You'aki and himself during the initial flooding and the incredible escape with Sara are good evidence of his superhuman strength).   Though he acts like a 13-year-old in front of Tsugumi and Takeshi.

Why would anybody wear that kind of shirt in a place LeMU..

Komachi Tsugumi:
    Surface:  An anti-social young woman with an unknown past.  She avoids other people in the group and tend to do things on her own ways.  She seems to know a lot about LeMU as the flooding struck.  Because of her special condition, she is the physically the strongest of the six people.  In Takeshi's perspective, she first disliked Takeshi because of his "stupidity", but becomes drawn to him when Takeshi risks his own life to her.  In Shounen's perspective, Tsugumi is more angry and illusive but always helped when she could--such as saving Sara from drowning.  Though she wants to die herself, Tsugumi desperately to keep others from being killed.  In Takeshi's perspective, Tsugumi gradually opens her heart to him and shared her dark secret.
    Essence:  Unable to die like a normal human, Tsugumi was infected with Cure virus at 12 and stopped to age at 17.  Her history is depressing: Tsugumi became a test subject of Leiblich at a young age.  She escaped and comes to LeMU, aimed for a showdown with Leiblich.  Being trapped in LeMU, she finds her true love--Takeshi, yet her fate would not allow a happy ending.  As Tief Blau infects everyone, she is to choose either giving her "cursed", immunized blood to Takeshi, You'haru, Kaburaki, and Coco to increase their life indefinitely, or watch them die in agony and pain.  Tsugumi considers her condition to be undesirable and is reluctant, out of love, to infect others with Cure.  Watching Takeshi throws his life away for her as a hypocrite, Tsugumi is devastated.
    As she escape to the Floating Island, she has to flee, once again, from Leiblich's hand.  Probably then, Tsugumi stopped being a selfish girl and transformed into a loving mother when she discovers her pregnancy of Takeshi's children.  But when she realizes Leiblich is still pursuing her, she decides to separate herself with the children and put them into an orphanage--only later to lament her choice... Leiblich took the children away.  She then spends the rest of her time looking for her son and daughter, until 2034 in LeMU, history appears to repeat itself.
    Maybe out of her suspicious nature or the strange, recurring situation, Tsugumi is quiet when the 2034's incident plays itself out.  Only when Hokuto confronts Tsugumi she releases the truth to him and Sara.  Later, she reunites with Takeshi and most likely, "lives happily thereafter".

At age 12, Tsugumi was infected by Cure Virus
Chami is a friend, also one of her kind.
She is wrong when she says, it's better for them to not know.

Akanegasaki Sora:
    Surface: She is an artificial intelligent program of LeMMIH and has the ability to be projected in human form onto visitors' eyes.  Sora's "setting" is a 24-year-old assistant chief working in LeMU as a guide.  As a program for this cause, she is always smiling, helpful, and calm--even in unusual time such as with the trapped Takeshi and others.  But she is not without doubt of her existence: Sora thinks she exists only because others see her.  Through her interaction with Takeshi, Sora seems to acquire the feeling of "love", and consequently, jealousy.  Sora would be the only "person" who cannot leave LeMU, therefore she puts all her effort on searching for ways that others might survive.
    Essence:  It is good to know that she can get o ut of LeMU, or at least her memory.  What defines a human being?  What defines Sora?  Leiblich has backup of Sora's prototype, therefore to "save" Sora is the same thing as to save her memory.  You'haru and Takeshi successfully back up Sora's memory thus she is allowed to live.  Later after 2017's incident, Sora gets an android body as she assist with You'haru and Kaburaki's plan.  It is unclear whether the Sora in LeMU of 2034 is with her 2017 memory.
    Sora's feeling for Takeshi can never materialize even she acquired a physical body at last.  At the end of 2017, Sora becomes something higher than just an AI, it seems.  Sora has a very interesting personality.  She does not see, hear, and touch like a human; her only manifest is an image.  The image has eyes and mouth but she does uses sensors on LeMU's walls instead.  Much of her existence in LeMU is heavily influenced with romantic scripting... like when she literally "fights" with herself (someone thinks it's funny to project the actually fighting scene??)  Anyhow, despite the bad setting for Sora from KID, she definitely is a likeable character.  Without a smart and personalized Sora, it is unlikely anybody would get out of LeMU alive.

Sora says goodbye for one last time.

In 2034, her appearance is not limited to RSD anymore.

Tanaka "You":
    Surface:  You is an energetic college freshman who just started working part-time in LeMU.  Her underlying motivation of being in LeMU is to investigate her father's disappearance 17 years ago.  Her father was a programmer for LeMMIH, the central computer of LeMU, and was last seen in the theme park before his announced disappearance.  You's personality is easy to comprehend:  she is very outgoing and show all emotions on her face; she sometimes is violent with computers and Takeshi, and she also keeps her darkest sorrow to herself.  You is the unofficial leader of the group and often cheers up others with her radiating smile.  It appears that You likes both Takeshi and the Kid depends on the player's perspective.
    Essence:  Like the role of Shounen, You has "double identity".  The  You in Takeshi's perspective/2017 is Tanaka Yubiseiharukana, while the You in Kid's perspective/2034 is Tanaka Yubiseiakikana.  You'haru is the true heir of Tanaka Yoichi and Yukie.  You'aki is You'haru's clone as You'haru gives birth to You'aki in 2015.  After being infected with TB and then Cure, she would start a grant plan of summoning Blick Winkel.
    What is not shown very clear in game is probably the hardship You'haru endured in the 17 years after 2017.  Her two friends are historically dead; she is on a mission to deceive her "daughter" of virtually everything about Tanaka's family history... I wonder which sin is greater?  Is it the existence of You'aki?  Or 17 years of lies to her daughter, her twin sister, her new self?  What we see the You'haru in 2034 is a mature and probably cold hearted woman; we can't blame her just like we can't blame Tsugumi.  On the other hand, You'aki finally forgives her mother hints that both of them may find piece after everything that has happened.  You'aki would like a normal life like a human, that probably is You'haru wanted all along.

"You" meets "You", a first and final confrontation.

A happy ending for You'aki and Hokuto.

Matsunaga Sara:
Surface:  A funny, smart, and somewhat strange girl, Sara is natural comedic.  She is a big Ninja fan ("Nin! Nin!"); she also eats like a ninja (j/k).  Sara also is a genius hacker, for her ability to crack LeMMIH and edit Sora's source code (Orz).  Sara only shows her weak side to Shounen, as the story develops, and finally finds out about her brother and mother.
Essence:  Daughter of Tsugumi and brother of Hokuto, Sara's childhood is surprisingly dark and sad compare to her comedic personality.  She gradually suspects the incident have something to do with herself when she saw Tsugumi and learns Hokuto's infravision ability.  Like everyone else, her life after the LeMU incident of 2034 is changed forever as she reunites with her family.  She doesn't seem to mind a mother and a father look just few years older than herself.
In the game, Sara's personality seems unsatisfactorily thin.  She is a simple minded girl even though she got Leiblich on her tail every moment before coming to LeMU.  She changed a lot in the 7 days with You'aki and everyone else, according to herself in Sara's scenario.  The only glance of a dark, depressed Sara is from You'aki's account on how she got Sara to join the hacking club in their high school.  Sara is probably the smartest person in the company of 6.

Sara tries to keep a balanced diet as much as she can.

Sara gets to know who her mother is and Tsugumi does not tell anything.

Yagami Coco:
    Surface:  Coco is a middle school girl with a voice that makes you think she's much younger.  She is the most active person in the group, running around with her pet dog Pipi and humming her own strange songs.  Coco is very outgoing and even Tsugumi has to curl up her unfriendliness in front of Coco.  Because Coco only physically exist in Takeshi's perspective, she is rather close to Shounen than others.  Maybe because they have the similar mental age.  On the other hand, if one takes the Kid's perspective, Coco's existence is much more mystified and unclear until the true ending is achieved.
    Essence:  It is unclear how much Coco knows about... everything.  One thing for sure is that Coco is part of the reason Blick Winkel could be awakened.  Of course, the innocent and childish Coco in front of Takeshi is somewhat contradictory with her confession to Takeshi that she's a psychic.  Of course Takeshi would likely to dismiss the claim, but Blick Winkel, knowing lot more about Coco's phantom in 2034, would take her words into consideration.  Also, Coco seems to be fascinated by BW and calls it "Brother".  I don't know if the 4D entity has a gender but I've hears some female players raise their eyebrows.  It is not hard to imagine why Coco would feel so close to BW since Coco knows and sees BW when on Takeshi's perspective and she seeks Hokuto in 2034. And of course, it is BW who saved her and Takeshi after all.

Coco is 14, but her mental age is hard to pin down.

Coco is the first to show TB's symptom because she went to IBF one day before they are stuck in LeMU.

Blick Winkel:
    Essence:  Of all characters in the story, the existence and influence of Blick Winkel can be the hardest to fully understand.  Simply said, Blick Winkel is the player.  In the context of the story arc, Blick Winkel is an 4th-dimension entity who travels through time and space.  It first takes the view of Takeshi in 2017 during the initial incident as a mere observer, and "takes off" when Takeshi sinks to the bottom of the ocean.  Traveling through time to 2034, Blick Winkel returns and descend onto Hokuto and causes him amnesia.
    To completely understand BW's existence, it is necessary to add romantic elements into the rationale.  Since only in the Kid's perspective shall BW, the player, see Hokuto say things like "Who am I... Who are you", don't mention it is only possible with BW's "earlier experience" (as the player has to go through the four scenarios before unlocking the "true ending") shall then Hokuto can connect the dots, ultimately to save Takeshi and Coco.
    Here gets the more confusing part.  It turns out that even Blick Winkel cannot change history at will.  BW only becomes a conscious being in 2034 after the second incident to be able to go back in time to wake Takeshi up.  But such act requires that takeshi and Coco NOT be saved in 2017!  Because if they are rescued in 2017, then there will not be a second incident in 2034 where Blink Winkel is revealed to You'haru in the first place!  And without BW's appearance, the change of history cannot happen.  Thus such a "Time Paradox" is created where the boundary of cause and effect blurred.  Chicken or egg, which comes first?  It is left for the players work out the inner logic and make the most sense out of the game.
    The world where Takeshi and others live is observed by Blick Winkel, therefore it exist.